Arkansas Floral Embroidery Workshop

by Hillfolk

Sold out

Saturday, March 23rd

10:00am-12:00 pm

Join Stephanie Roach (@weddedembroidery) for a beginner embroidery class. The floral Arkansas hoop is perfect for beginners, no experience required. You will learn five basic stitches that can be combined in an almost infinite amount of ways to create beautiful embroideries on your own, as well as give you a lovely piece of art to display once you’re done. Mastering back stitch, stem stitch, straight stitch, French knots and the lazy daisy stitch will give you a great stepping stone for understanding how embroidery works. 

Cost is $60 and includes all supplies needed to complete the project. 

All class participants receive 20% off of any purchase made at Hillfolk the day of workshop.