Quilt Discovery with Historian Alice McElwain

by Hillfolk


Quilt Discovery

Saturday, October 7th 

1:00 PM - 4:00 PM

Bring your own special or heirloom quilt for an entertaining, educational and fun fall afternoon!

In this 3 hour event, you will learn fascinating things about your quilt and other quilts in the ozark area. How old is my quilt? Is it valuable? What is the pattern? How do I care for it? Alice will also have expert information about the care and storage of quilts, some facts about quilt appraisals, the etiquette of ‘gifting’ quilts and answer questions about your quilted treasures.

Bring Your Family Heirloom Quilt: We encourage you to bring your own family heirloom quilt to the event. Whether it's a cherished quilt passed down from your grandmother or an antique piece with a fascinating history, our expert quilt historian will be on hand to provide insights and uncover the hidden stories behind these precious textiles.

Meet Our Expert Quilt Historian: We are delighted to have Alice McElwain, a renowned authority in quilt history, as our special guest. With years of experience and a passion for quilts, Alice will share her knowledge and expertise to help you better understand the craftsmanship, techniques, and perhaps most important, how to care for it and make it last for many more years to come!

Discover the Artistry: Explore the intricate details, patterns, and stitching techniques that make each quilt a work of art. Gain a deeper appreciation for the craftsmanship that went into creating these timeless pieces.

Connect with Fellow Enthusiasts: Quilt Discovery is also an excellent opportunity to connect with fellow quilt enthusiasts, share stories, and bond over your love for quilting and heritage preservation.

Alice McElwain is an American Quilter’s Society Certified Quilt Appraiser. She is a quilt historian, teaches, lectures and appraises and judges quilt shows.  She is also a member of the Professional Association of Appraisers of Quilted Te



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