Anti-Racist Bike Club Tee

by Hillfolk


The Elaine Massacre occurred between September 30th and October 1st when Black farmers met in Elaine, Arkansas to fight for better pay and higher cotton prices. A white mob shot at them, and the farmers returned fire in self-defense. News of the confrontation spread and a masscre ensued, leaving more than 100 (estimates up to 800) African Americans dead, 67 indicted for inciting violence, and 12 Black sharecroppers (the Elaine 12) sentenced to death.

To quote Ida B. Wells, in the summary of her reporting on the Elaine Massacre,

“The American thinking public cannot bring back the dead but it can open the prison doors and let these poor defenseless men go free. There must be enough justice in Arkansas to never rest until this great wrong is righted.”

In honor of the Descendants of the Elaine Massacre and our friend, Lisa Hicks Gilbert, we are announcing another run of anti-racist bike club tees to raise money so Lisa and her organization can continue their mission of educating the people about Arkansas history that has long been suppressed. 

The tees are screen printed for us in Siloam Springs, Arkansas by our friends at TC Screen Printing and hand dyed by us at our shop in Bentonville, Arkansas!