by Molly George

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Sunday, October 21st, 1-4 pm

Course Descriptions:

Bundle Dye (3 hours):  Learn the beautiful art of Natural Dyes!  Students will learn how to create colorful fabric using natural plants and flowers.
This workshop will cover:
  • Introduction to natural dye plants and mordants
  • Introduction to protein-based and cellulose-based fibers
  • Overview of natural dyestuffs including fresh and dried flowers, plant root extracts, Cochineal bugs and more
  • How to create a dye bundle and extract natural color on to fabric.

Bio:  Molly George is a Brooklyn based textile artist and educator.  Her practice involves using natural dyes, tapestry weaving, and embroidery to create fiber sculptures. With an appreciation for traditional crafts, combined with experimentation and focus on process, Molly is able to meld the lines between craft and fine art. Wool, cotton, silk, sisal, plastic, clay, wax, and found scraps and objects allow her to create a unique, original body of work. Her use of natural dyes allows for an exciting and sustainable way to incorporate color into her fiber work. Molly graduated from Savannah College of Art and Design (SCAD) in 2008 and promptly move to NYC to pursue her passion for the fine arts.  Molly currently teaches at the Textile Art Center (TAC) and Brooklyn Craft Company.