Floral Wreath Watercolor Kit

by Tram Colwin

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This beautiful Wreath Art kit comes with four handcrafted designs lightly printed on watercolor paper to help you create watercolor art in a fun and stress-free experience! An easy to follow guide will provide all the tips you need to get started, whether you’re a pro or a first-time watercolor artist!

Basic Kit includes:

  • 4 Wreath designs on 8”x10” (140 lbs) watercolor paper

  • 2 blank 8”x10” (140 lbs) watercolor sheets, plus a smaller swatch for testing colors

  • A set of 5 professional watercolor paints to customize your design

  • An introduction to watercolor guide

Complete Kit includes:

  • All items listed above

  • Mixing Tray (10 wells)

  • Watercolor Brushes Size # 6

  • Watercolor Brushes Size #