Grand Prismatic Seed Tango Cosmos

by Grand Prismatic

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(Cosmos sulphureus)

We love how the fiery orange blooms of Tango Cosmos appear to be levitating when seen from a distance, especially when a slight breeze causes them to dance around on their barely visible slender stems. Up close you can see a beautiful orange and gold bi-color effect, something difficult for our camera to capture, making them even more precious.

There are so many reasons to grow this variety. The flowers are great for dyeing cotton or wool, the nectar feeds local bumblebees and hummingbirds, seeds feed the songbirds, and they provide the perfect vista to get lost in while day dreaming on a hot summer day.

Start indoors and transplant after your last frost, or direct sow after danger of frost has passed. Deadhead for an avalanche of flames that will go until your first frost.

Packet: 50 seeds