Upcycled Textile Necklace Workshop

by Hillfolk

Sold out
Saturday, November 23rd


Learn the eco-friendly art form of creating jewelry using sustainable materials with instructor Alyssa Bird. Students will experience one-on-one instruction on how to develop their personal style by designing fashion accessories that are uniquely their own and one-of-a-kind. All supplies are included in the cost. Each participant will have the materials to create their choice of one of two necklace design options. The option to bring materials from home that has personal meaning is also encouraged.

This workshop will cover:
  • Introduction to sustainable material in the fashion world
  • Tricks of the jewelry and accessory trade from a leading designer in sustainable fashion
  • How to design, create and assemble eco-friendly jewelry that is made by hand, using wood and excess apparel production fabric remnants

Materials provided:

  •       Wooden necklace frame (one of two shape design options)
  •       Wide assortment of unique textiles to choose from
  •       Choice of chain color to complement the design 
  •       Upcycled leather cutout for the backing of the necklace

All participants will receive 20% off all purchases at Hillfolk the day of the workshop. 


Creative Design Director Alyssa Bird Following her passion for fashion, Alyssa Bird is a proud graduate of the Fashion Institute of Design and Merchandising in Los Angeles, CA. Throughout her career in the apparel industry, Alyssa noticed one concerning aspect: waste. Where others saw scraps that couldn't be used, Alyssa saw an opportunity to make a positive impact and Regenerous Designs began. Up-cycling apparel production remnants, Alyssa creates one-of-a-kind, innovative and versatile accessories. Each piece is designed to give the fabric new life. By creating wearable pieces of art, Alyssa takes pride in the styling of her accessories. It’s important that she herself would want to wear her works. The vision to have every design seamlessly incorporated into an established and ever-changing wardrobe. The odds are high that Alyssa will be rocking one of her own pieces as a part of her fun, vibrant and quirky style any day of the week. Working with excess fabric the material options are whatever is available and in need of a new life and this keeps the creative juices of design flowing. Alyssa is Indiana born, Arizona raised and Arkansas living. She and her husband Nick call Rogers home.