Picto Kits DIY Art Kit

by Hillfolk

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Simply put, Picto Kits is like a puzzle using laser-cut wood & upcycled fabrics. You get to create amazing one-of-a-kind art worthy to hang on the wall.

Picto kits' founder Alyssa Bird spent 3 years in the Los Angeles fashion industry and saw a desperate need to reduce the waste from clothing production. Her innovation, mission for upcycling, and love for learning reached a turning point when she developed a new mixed-media art concept by merging the rescued textiles with laser cut wood. Picto Kits is an elevated hands-on experience of art and education that requires no previous training and delivers a playful adventure inspiring individuals of any age.

AMAZING ART You get to create an amazing art piece worthy of showcasing!! Not an artist? Not creative? No problem!! Each Picto kits is designed to guide you to do the incredible.

UP-CYCLED The fabrics in our kits are designer cutoff remnants from Los Angeles, CA that would otherwise be thrown away after clothing production.

ONE-OF-A-KIND You get limited-edition fabrics and get to chose which section of the fabric to use. This makes every Picto kit you create a one-of-a-kind masterpiece!

MADE TO LAST No cheap shortcuts!! All Picto kit materials used are the highest quality we can find. What you create will last!!